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Gopabandhu Das Odia Book


The Harijan upliftment movement in Odisha during the national freedom struggle was a significant social initiative aimed at promoting the rights and welfare of the marginalized Harijan community (previously referred to as untouchables or Dalits) in the region . Led by prominent leaders such as Utkal Gaurav Madhusudan Das and Gopabandhu Das, the movement sought to address issues of social discrimination, inequality, and untouchability faced by the Harijan population in Odisha.

Through various grassroots initiatives, awareness campaigns, and advocacy efforts, the Harijan upliftment movement in Odisha worked towards empowering the marginalized communities and challenging the age-old caste-based prejudices The movement emphasized education, economic empowerment, and social integration of the Harijan populace, striving to promote equality and dignity for all individuals irrespective of their caste or social status.

The efforts of the Harijan upliftment movement not only contributed to the social upliftment of the marginalized communities in Odisha but also played a crucial role in promoting social justice and equality as integral values of the Indian freedom struggle . The movement served as a beacon of hope and progress, inspiring generations to strive for a more inclusive and equitable society.

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